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Soccer play as an incentive

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Soccer Development League |

One company in Minnesota has offered its employees a unique “wellness program” – to play children’s games during the break! The result: higher productivity and stronger competitive spirit necessary for efficient work.
061011soccercamp829_t210The economic crisis has shaken the many jobs in the world, and companies are struggling to numerous programs raise the productivity and competitiveness of the labor market. In one company in Delano, in the US state of Minnesota, it is required that there is a program of relaxation during the break to play children’s games

ccording to the latest research professionals, creative activities, enhance productivity and strengthen competitive spirit necessary for efficient work. And at the break – football!

“According to our investigations the game contributes to a healthier, better quality of life, so we designed a program that will optimally enhance the potential of individuals in the workplace,” explained Holly Williams, director of “wellness” program.
According to the latest statistics, in the past few years, 32 percent of participants in the program has led to its line in order and physically prepared for the new challenges.
“He raised our morale, and the program included some of you could not imagine that the spirit of sport, and now they are among the most enthusiastic athletes in different games,” praised the way of relaxation during the working day an employee.

The most popular are competitive games, which they say psychologists, bring together stakeholders, improve interpersonal relationships and boost the confidence of employees.

KidsSoccerCampBarcelonaSpainBcn-Programs8In this way competitive spirit is developed among the employee. And they have more energy for further tasks. For example if you ask a Maryland’s men’s soccer team The Dragons consider that playing football is a rest. They play football to get rid of stress and to hang around with their colleagues. They compare playing soccer with driving in the best limousines in St Cloud, comfortable and smooth, just like you are in heaven.
Like children that adults play sport to develop some qualifications. Through play, recreation and sport children and adults learn practicing judgment, develop critical thinking, seek for solutions at the same time. They also learn about teamwork ,self-discipline and respecting other people. For developing into responsible and caring adults, these activities are of crucial importance. Oh no help young people to face the challenges and prepare them to assume leadership roles in their communities.

Changing lifestyles, the sociological sense, young school children, there is a need to organize a large number of soccer schools, with soccer clubs but also new sports clubs (clubs in the form of indoor soccer). These developments are related to the mid-90s, that is, before more than 15 years.

With the advent of a large number of soccer schools needed were a greater number of teachers in soccer who are qualified and competent to implement the lessons of football to the needs (biological, psychological, sociological) children.
Soccer as a game promotes values such as fair play, tolerance, dignity, acceptance of defeat and victory, respecting opponents, teammates, teachers, judges, spectators, Football clubs are beginning to promote these values, so that over time due to the aforementioned circumstances the idea grew into anti-soccer.

Chesapeake Athletic Dragons

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Soccer Development League, Youth camp |

In 2001 in a state of Maryland was founded soccer team called Chesapeake Dragons. They were members of the “United Soccer Leagues Premier Development League”. In 2004 the Dragons left the league and their license was terminated. They usually played games at the “Maryland SoccerPlex” in a Germantown, Maryland. Their colors were blue, silver and black.

One of their successful years was a 2003 and fans say that Dragons provided them exciting season with good quality soccer play. They presented awesome talent, when college play is in order and provided their audience play worthy of recognition and support. They ended the season with a record of 7-9-1. Dragons had some smaller problems with injuries, but that didn’t affect their game.

TimberscampPICS2In 2005 technical Director Lincoln Phillips announced that they will be creating a development program with the “Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs” and that this program will hopefully give quality players from Trinidad and Tobago and they will have the opportunity to get participation in college courses over the summer. They stated with a youth training camp in order to prevent talented players to leave them, players usually go to college and they lose track of them. Now this camp will be annual event, usually around Christmas break, when the players come home.
There are really good number of players from Trinidad and Tobago, who have residence in U.S, Canada and UK and they will try to use that in their advantage.
Dragons have various teams sorted under an age, U23, U21, U19 and U12.

In the YTC players, at the final day of the camp play against each other’s. These games usually last 45 minutes and the main goal was not on the competition but to recognize the talent of the players. Their players will be ready to step on the field with the certainty of the win. This is what they were trying to achieve through the years, to have complete team, in each age category, that will provide them a win on all fields.

CUmf30qWoAEi5vJThey are hoping to establish youth camps in Florida too, they will be providing there 10-day camp, that will prepare future athletes, as they say “we have lost games before due to lack of preparation” and their management is trying to avoid that. Dragons also have women team, since they presented good and quality game, they are hopping to acquire means that will bring them successful and positive results.
Overall Dragons game can be described as an inspiring and the one that provides good results, they are always scouting for new players, refreshing their team and placing great hope in to youth.
They embraced the new attitude in order to win competition and games and they aren’t satisfied any more with moral victories only. They want to create teams that will bring them wins and that’s why they are making their player do their best and with a help of Lincoln Phillips who is expert in this field, they will make that goal.